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What We Offer

We are currently working towards developing the following services to pave the way for a greener world!

Image by Lalit Kumar
Image by frank mckenna
Image by Kendall Henderson

Material Extraction from LiB

Environmentally Friendly!

At Metastable Materials, we strive to keep the environment clean through our 100% chemical free treatment of Li-ion batteries. Our processes are designed to minimize waste and improve efficiency.

LiB Extracted Materials

Good for Pocket,
Great for Environment!

Our wide range of materials extracted from Lithium-ion batteries provide a sustainable alternative to the freshly mined metals. We have the capability to efficiently extract copper, aluminium, cobalt, nickel, lithium and much more out of LiBs.

Reverse Logistics

Transports made easy!

At Metastable Materials, we go out of our way to make sure all your recycling requirements are taken care of. Our reverse logistics is designed such that you can just sit back and relax!

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